ALYSSA LOPEZ & Meredith mickelson

Co-Founders Alyssa Lopez & Meredith Mickelson had one goal in mind when developing Molliebird. To create a chic, flirty, and sophisticated swimwear brand utilizing premium fabrics, while also being extremely comfortable. And they did just that. 

Living on opposite ends of the country, and hailing from two very different backgrounds, Meredith and Alyssa quickly found common ground. In fact, there's not a day that goes by where these two aren't working together, hanging out, or laughing at each other.

Beyond modeling for some of the industries most elite brands and publications such as Gucci, Maybelline, and Vogue, Meredith is a social media personality, aspiring actress, and flourishing entrepreneur.

Alyssa is also very familiar with the camera...spending time behind the lense creating content for apparel brands. She has a film degree, is a licensed drone operator, has an unequaled work ethic, and is a super dog mom to Jeter and Piper.

Combining Meredith’s passion for modeling and the fashion industry with Alyssa’s crave for designing product and content, you really can’t name a better duo for the job. 


“Wake up and look in the mirror and say out loud you are beautiful, you are one of a kind. No one else is you. That is your power. I believe the most beautiful thing you can possess is the LOVE you feel for yourself. It truly makes you unstoppable.”